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Hello, I'm [personal profile] tani, your friendly neighborhood reccer. I've been reading in fandom for a very long time now. My first fandom was Pokemon, if that tells you anything. When I started reading fanfiction, I would read anything that fit my obsessions. It didn't matter how good it was (or how bad it was!). However, I've found that over time my tastes have grown a little more discriminating. I also found that I really had this urge to participate more in fandom. I do write some, but I can't draw, and I'm not really willing to put in the critical thought that leads to meta. I prefer to focus on what I like about things and that's how I got the idea to start reccing. I know it's been done before, and done well. But the way I see it, there can never be too many recs sites out there. After all, the good stuff can always use some more readers, right? ;)

So, what can you expect to find recced here? Well, a lot of different things. My fandoms are pretty all over the place. I do have something of an animanga focus; however, I also read in book, movie, and TV fandoms. A lot of what I read is slash, but I've been finding myself drawn to het in increasing amounts recently. I tend to go for things that have a lot of character development. I like long things, but because short stuff is easier to get through, there will always be more recs for short fics than long. I'm a big fan of AUs, both of the "one critical change to canon" and the "completely new setting" variety. I cannot resist a good crossover, especially if it's a weird one. Weird pairings, too, intrigue me. I try to avoid things that don't have happy endings, but sometimes I'll end up reading them anyway, and if they're good enough I'll certainly recommend them. Bad grammar and spelling are two of the quickest ways to stop me from reading something, so that should be pretty good. I don't discriminate against, so there will be things from there as well as various other places. My current fandom of interest is Naruto, but I'm still pretty much all over the place.

If you're looking for something from a particular fandom, check out my memories, which are organized accordingly for your convenience. I also tag all my entries by character and pairing.

As of August, 2006, I only rec completed stories. There remain a few works in progress from earlier than this, but I hope that all of these will be completed at some time in the future.

Also, I'd like to request that you give feedback when you're able, even if the story is older. In general, if I can find a story on either Livejournal,, or some other archive that has a built-in mechanism for feedback, I will link to those. If that isn't possible, I've tried to provide an email address or some form of contact for every author, so please do make the additional effort if you can. I know that sometimes it's hard, and sometimes I don't leave feedback myself if I'm feeling particularly antisocial. However, it's not a habit I encourage; if you want an author to write more, giving feedback is probably the best thing you can do, even if it's just "I really liked this story a lot."

I don't generally ask permission to rec things, as I rather think it to be a compliment, but if you object to having something of yours listed here for some reason, just drop me a line either by comment or email, and I'll take it off posthaste.

Everything stated here is nothing more than my opinion. I do this because I enjoy it, and because I love recs sites. It also helps me keep track of the things that I've read and loved for when I inevitably want to reread things. None of this guarantees that everyone is going to have the same tastes as me (frankly, I'd be alarmed if everyone did). However, I hope that everyone can find at least one thing that they like here.

Finally, for any users (or idle browsers!) of out there, I do have a account under the name Tani_Barton. For the most part, it's the same things you can find here. However, if you check out the "unrecced" tag, that'll show you everything that I'm going to rec but haven't quite got around to yet. Also, my network has some pretty cool people on it, so if you've exhausted all my suggestions, you might go there.

And with that, happy reading! :D
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