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Fandom: Scrubs/Supernatural
Pairings/Characters: JD, Dr. Cox, Sam, Dean
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 5,900
Author: gekizetsu
Website: gekizetsu.net
Summary: Sam is hurt, Dean worries and lies, Cox rants, and JD just wants everyone to love him, especially after the vampires show up.
Why: If the Scrubs and Supernatural universes were ever going to meet, I think this is how it would happen. I like the author's JD voice a lot, even though it's slightly toned down on his usual imaginings. I also liked the way that she handled the outsider perspective of Sam and Dean, which is always something I like to see. The action scenes are also very well-done, which I always appreciate.

My Supernatural Smackdown by b stearns
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Fandom: Scrubs
Pairings/Characters: JD/Cox
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 1,700
Author: Mazily
Website: circlegirl.com
Summary: In which jd wears tights and other things happen.
Why: Some Scrubs crack to balance out the serious! Mazily writes in perfect JD voice, which is more than enough to awe me since I'm pretty sure I'd never be able to pull it off. And in the spirit of Scrubs, events are random, except maybe not, and good fun is had by all!

My Life in Tights by mazily
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Fandom: Scrubs
Pairings/Characters: JD and Cox gen or JD/Cox, depending on how you want to read it
Rating: R
Wordcount: 12,500
Warnings: violence, language, hostage situation involving guns.
Author: b. stearns aka gekizetsu
Website: gekizetsu.net
Summary: the usual ‘we were at a conference or whatever and something bad happened andcaused us to realize how much we care about each other’ plot.
Why: I absolutely love the crackiness of Scrubs, both in the show and in the fic. However, isn't it nice to see something different for a change? If you've read any of her Supernatural stuff, you know that b stearns is a talented author, and she doesn't fail in this one. This is definitely a more serious look at JD and Cox and the relationship between them, but it's a look that I really enjoyed. I thought that both JD and Cox were very nicely in character, although I'm sure some could argue differently, and I really enjoyed reading this as a change of pace before I go back to the crack.

My Worst Case Scenario by b. stearns

If you enjoyed this one, you'll probably also want to know about the sequel, My Follow Up, which follows in the same vein as the first fic, and just wraps things up a little more emotionally.
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Fandom: House/Scrubs
Pairings/Characters: JD/Cox
Rating: PG
Wordcount: ~10,000
Author: Riona and gayjunglefever
Website: Riona's tags and gayjunglefever's music blog
Summary: House has a new patient and a new theory. Cox just might explode if this keeps up.
Why: My first thought upon really watching Scrubs and meeting Dr. Cox was something along the lines of, "OMG, it's House!" So when I saw a crossover of the two fandoms, I couldn't resist. And oh, man, it's amazing. My face hurt by the time I finished reading this because I had been beaming for so long. The authors do a brilliant job with the characterizations, and I loved the face-offs between House and Cox, as well the conclusion that House comes to. Over all, I found this story to be absolutely hilarious.

That House/Scrubs Crossover by Riona and gayjunglefever
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Fandom: Scrubs
Pairings/Characters: JD/Cox-ish
Rating: PG
Wordcount: ~2,300
Author: thebaconfat
Website: Baconfat's fic list
Summary: "Alright, girls and ...girl, listen up because I'm only going to say this once. I am on my break, Days Of Our Lives is on, and for the next --" he makes a show of checking his watch, "-- fifteen minutes, there will be no talking."
Why: Even though this isn't technically finished, I'm going to break my own rule by reccing it. However, I'm of the opinion that these first two parts stand on their own quite nicely, so here you go. I love the interaction between JD and Dr. Cox. The author has both Dr. Cox's acidic snark and JD's nonsensical thought processes down flat, and the result is highly amusing.

My Five Things that Never Happened - Part 1
My Five Things that Never Happened - Part 2


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