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Fandom: Yugioh
Pairings/Characters: Jou/Kaiba
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: ~3,800
Author: Ariadne Bassarid on Ff.net
Website: The Luggaga Van
Summary: Jounouchi finds himself in the backseat of Kaiba's limo - twice. The first ride leads to an embarrassing arrest, and the second... Well, it just leads to Kaiba.
Why: OK, so I'll admit that part of the appeal of Jou and Kaiba is their immature bickering. Despite that, sometimes it's nice to see them acting a little more mature. This fic does that, showing the two of them as older and more experienced, without ever taking away the snark of their relationship. And if that isn't enough to make you laugh, I bet that the situation that they find themselves in to start the story will. ^-^

Will Do Favours by Ariadne Bassarid
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Fandom: Yugioh
Pairings/Characters: Joey/Yugi
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: ~350
Author: Cody Nelson
Website: Rat and Fox
Summary: Joey loves Yugi. But not that way.
Why: I like this for its simplicity and because for some reason, I enjoy reading about characters who are in denial far more than I really should. Not to mention that Joey/Yugi is rare, and so I have to treasure it when I find it. ;)

Joey Loves Yugi by Cody Nelson
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Fandom: Yugioh
Pairings/Characters: Joey/Kaiba
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 1,749
Author: misura
Website: Misura on Ff.net
Summary: Joey is late, Kaiba is weird and the pizza-delivery guy is held up by bodyguards. Just another day in the life.
Why: The author writes with a great Joey voice here, and does a really great job of handling the ins and outs that a relationship between Joey and Kaiba would definitely have. I was snickering the entire time I was reading this.

Pizzas, Lateness and Anniversaries by Misura
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Fandom: Yugioh
Pairings/Characters: Tea/Yami/Yugi, Jou/Mai
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 10,700 for "The Road of Souls" and 73,000 for "Yugioh The College Years"
Author: Yuugi Motoh
Website: Yuugi Motoh on Ff.net
Summary: How do you live when your soul is divided? And what do you do when you find the missing half?
Why: I'm reccing these together not only because they're from the same alternate universe, but also because I think that if you enjoy one, you'll enjoy the other. The first, "The Road of Souls," sets up the main concept of the universe. Then "The College Years" continues with that idea.

Sometimes, you read fanfiction to see something that never ever would have happened in the source material. However, sometimes, you read fanfiction to reestablish a connection with the things that originally made you love the series. These two stories fall into the latter category. So, if you desperately miss the Yugioh anime (specifically the dub), and really want to read something that has the same kind of feel as that, this is absolutely the story for you. Even though it's an AU, it's still very much in the vein of the anime, without actually retelling the anime. All the characters are wonderfully in character, there's a well-paced plot, and there's even some romance for good measure. What else could you want?

The Road of Souls
Yugioh the College Years: The Different Story
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Fandom: Yugioh
Pairings/Characters: Joey/Yugi
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1,500
Author: Ceresi
Website: Ceresi's Fic Journal
Summary: Thinking has never been Joey's gig. That's probably why he can't figure it out.
Why: I've always kind of thought that Joey and Yugi would be amazingly cute together, but it seems like I can never find anything to read about them. Perhaps that's why finding this sent me into extreme happy mode. More likely, it's because this is splendid Joey perspective that makes me want to hug him until he runs away screaming. I also really like the theme that goes through the two parts of the series, and the underlying idea that maybe for once Joey will be able to figure out something that will make him happy.

Figure it Out by Ceresi
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Fandom: Yugioh
Pairings/Characters: Jounouchi-centric ensemble
Rating: G
Wordcount: ~7,000
Spoilers for: end of series
Author: Silvormoon
Website: SilvorMoon on Ff.net
Summary: How does a guy from Domino spend his birthday? Jonouchi's spending thisone tied up in a warehouse. Lucky he has some street sense to call upon.
Why: Sometimes, it's nice to read something that doesn't have a greater meaning and is instead simply good fic about a character that you enjoy. For me, this is one of those stories, like a slice of life from after the series. I like the attention to the everyday details here, as well as the way that the authors shows just how self-sufficient Jou actually is. However, despite Jou's self-sufficiency, the author doesn't lose sight of his friendships and how important they are to him. There isn't any deeper meaning to this story, and that's ok. For everyone who enjoys Jounouchi's character, regardless of who he's paired with, this is just a way to spend a little more time with him and remember just what it was that drew you to him in the first place.

Street Sense by SilvorMoon
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Fandom: Yugioh/CSI
Pairings/Characters: Joey, Yugi, Yami, Grissom
Rating: T
Author: Matt Morwell
Website: Matt Morwell on Ff.net
Summary: Joey is accused of murdering a high ranking Las Vegas businessman, and his alibi can't be confirmed. There's only one thing that can clear his name... the evidence.
Why: First, a caveat. I don't watch CSI. I've seen random snippets, I know the basic idea, I even have a rough idea of who some of the characters might be, but I don't claim to have any real knowledge of the series. In other words, I can't say that the characterization for the CSI characters is good; I honestly don't know. However, I certainly didn't find anything wrong with the story from the Yugioh side of things. It's not often in the Yugioh fandom where plot is the point rather than pairings, but this is an example of that rare beast: the Yugioh gen fic. The author does a great job of creating a mystery and then drawing it out to an interesting conclusion. The Yugioh characterization is very much in line with what we see in the dub. I also have to comment that I really enjoyed the interactions between the two universes, even though I can't guarantee accuracy. In all, I found this to be an enjoyable read, well worth the time that it took to get through.

Evidence of Shadows by Matt Morwell
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Fandom: Yugioh
Pairings/Characters: Seto/Jou
Rating: T
Author: [livejournal.com profile] ariadnebassarid
Website: Ariadne Bassarid on Ff.net
Summary: Love letters are useless, and Jounouchi knows it. So why would he bother trying to write one?
Why: For a talented duelist, Jou tends to get the short end of the stick an awful lot when people are writing intelligent characters. This story, I'm happy to say, is not one that makes this mistake. I love the idea of this story and the author's characterization of Jou. I also really enjoyed the way that she pulled off the entire story, not making either Kaiba or Jou out of character, but still managing to push them together. The author really did a great job with both the characters and the pairing. And that title! Who could resist the lure of that?

Elegy for a Literate Dog by Ariadne Bassarid
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Fandom: Yugioh
Pairings/Characters: Jou/Mai, Kaiba/Jou
Rating: T
Author: [livejournal.com profile] evilsimon
Website: [livejournal.com profile] curiopapercrane
Summary: Mai Kujaku is faced with one of her oddest tasks yet--extricating Jounouchi, whom she hadn't seen in over a year, from a one-way crush on a cranky CEO, whom he still hates despite all uncontrolled lusting. Chaos ensues and unrequited lub abounds.
Why: I kind of read this story looking for Kaiba/Jou but suspecting that things would end up in a Jou/Mai direction, a pairing which I've never had any particular interest in. Still, the summary gave me a sliver of hope, and that was enough to get me started. To get me finished...Well, the story itself did the job for me, despite the fact that my suspicions were eventually came true.

Fate VII has a way of writing. Not only are her stories easy to read and engrossing, they tend to walk that fine line between crack and serious with just enough of both to make me want to keep reading. It's a balance that I love and that I would be very happy to find more of. It's probably because of that balance that I'm reccing this story and will rec at least one more story by her in the future. Long story short, I really enjoyed this story. I hope that you will too.

Unrequited by Fate VII


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