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Fandom: House/Angel crossover
Pairings/Characters: Robert Chase, Cordelia Chase
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: ~4,000
Spoilers for: later seasons of Angel
Author: Roga
Website: Roga on Ff.net
Summary: Where Chase meets his American cousin and New Jersey is surreptitiously mocked.
Why: Welcome to Awesome Ideas 101, where it turns out that Cordy and Chase are actually cousins and become friends. I loved seeing these two characters interact and take part in each other's lives. (Seriously, don't even try to tell me that the idea of Cordelia meeting House is not epic.) Also, the ending of this kind of killed me, in that way that awesome fic has a tendency of doing. Funny in some places and melancholy in others, this is a wonderful story for both Cordy and Chase.

The One With the Chases by Roga
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Fandom: House
Pairings/Characters: House, Chase (maybe hints of House/Chase, but not too much)
Rating: G-PG
Wordcount: 1,091
Author: supacat
Website: !supacat online
Summary: House likes solving mysteries.
Why: Chase is my favorite character on House, so I've really missed him in his current 'there but not really' role. That's definitely a huge part of why I enjoyed this as much as I did. The other part is just that it's so perfectly in character for Chase and the way that House sees him. The author's style of writing is also great, short and to the point with no unnecessary words.

Six Ways of Looking at Chase by supacat
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Fandom: House
Pairings/Characters: Chase, House
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1,541
Author: Chase got hired because his father made a phone call. But really, that's just an excuse.
Website: Andrealyn's Archive
Summary: andrealyn
Why: I really love this version of how Chase got hired. My love starts with the previous fellows, who are quirky and fun to read without taking up too much space. It continues as Wilson makes his appearance and House finally shows up. However, it really picks up with the phone call, which is just so perfectly House that I can't help but laugh. The best part, though, is Chase's differential diagnosis of whether or not he's going to get hired. I really like Chase's idea of why he's going to get hired, which is something that never occurred to me before. And in the end, I really love this story for the insight that it offers into both House and Chase.

Diagnosis: Hired by AndreaLyn
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Fandom: House
Pairings/Characters: Foreman/Cameron/Chase
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1,640
Author: _bmb_
Website: none
Summary: Foreman gets locked inside a cupboard, and nobody can find the key.
Why: I think the reason I liked this so much was at least partially nostalgia. Even though there are parts of the fourth season that I like, I really do miss seeing the original ducklings. This story did a wonderful job of satisfying my craving for the three of them. I loved the ease that the three of them had between them, and how House is still a scheming bastard. There's also a great Foreman perspective. Together, these things add up into a wonderfully cute story that's perfect for any gloomy day.

Follow the Road Until You Lose It by _bmb_
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Fandom: House
Pairings/Characters: House/Wilson
Rating: the first two are PG, the third is PG-13
Wordcount: 3,739/3,105/7,650
Author: commodoresexual
Website: Wicked Pensmith
Summary: Wilson gets more than he bargained for when he lets the ducklings diagnosis him.
Why: I started reading the first story in this series because I loved the idea of the ducklings diagnosing Wilson. I kept reading because not only does L.M. Griffin do a wonderful job with the idea, she does the characters beautifully. From Chase to House, she's really got them down. She also knows how to write a story that is both fun and meaningful at the same time. These stories are pretty much the definition of just what I'm looking for from a House fic.

Diagnosis: Wilson
Patient Write-Up: Cameron, Chase, Foreman
Treatment: House
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Fandom: Firefly/House crossover
Pairings/Characters: Chase-centric with maybe some Cameron/Chase
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 4,100
Spoilers for: House 3x13 (Needle in a Haystack)
Author: Roga
Website: Roga on Ff.net
Summary: Chase gets abducted by space cowboys!
Why: This is such a great crossover. Roga does an amazing job of writing both worlds. On the one hand, she puts Chase in a believable place emotionally, not to mention gets the characterization perfect, making me overflow with Chase-love. On the other hand, she uses perfectly chosen allusions to absolutely nail the Firefly cast. I loved watching the Chase interact with all of them and just seeing Chase as the main character in something when he so often seems to be regulated to the back. Roga also does a great job of framing everything that happens within the episode and making it mean more than just Chase's random space adventure. I give it a billion stars!

What Kind of Week Has it Been by Roga


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