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Fandom: Heroes
Pairings/Characters: Matt/Mohinder
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 1,604
Author: tiptoe39
Website: Tiptoe Writes!
Summary: Mohinder's in love with me. I hear thoughts, so I know.
Why: I liked the simple pattern that this story follows. It makes it easy to follow the progression of Matt's thoughts and emotions. I also liked Matt's voice in general, which struck me as very true to his character. Oh, and the ending of this is just right.

Like Music by tiptoe39
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Fandom: Heroes
Pairings/Characters: Matt/Mohinder, Molly
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 2,102
Author: shrift
Website: shrift's fan fiction
Summary: "Cop shoots himself in the foot: local news at 11."
Why: I love the way this story deals with the relationship between Matt and Mohinder and the difficulties of being Matt Parkman who is maybe attracted to Mohinder Suresh. This is definitely the Matt that I love from the series. And the way the author uses descriptions and little details to flesh out the story only makes it feel more real.

Easy Way Out by shrift
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Fandom: Heroes
Pairings/Characters: Matt/Mohinder
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 2,497
Author: fox1013
Website: The Inner Geekdom
Summary: Tie me a tie, catch me a catch...
Why: In which Molly plays matchmaker. I love the Molly voice in this story. It's so bright and energetic that you can't help but smile. This story is pretty much guaranteed to brighten your day.

Matchmaker by fox1013
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Fandom: Heroes
Pairings/Characters: Nathan, Hiro
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 2,000
Spoilers for: through 1.07
Author: hackthis
Website: dysFuNctional
Summary: The back of the town car is air conditioned and dark, almosttoo much so after Nathan’s trip through the arid Nevada desert. Hiseyes ache a little from the lighting readjustment; he's never flownthat close to the sun.
Why: This is a missing scene from episode 5 of the first season, "Hiros". Basically, it's what happens in the town car between Hiro and Nathan. Why should you read it? Well, it has an amazing Nathan voice. It's actually pretty amazing to me that this story, written about 7 episodes into the series, is still so perfectly right for Nathan. Also, it has Hiro in it, and what story isn't made better by a little Hiro?

You Can Be Mean and I'll Drink All the Time by hackthis
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Fandom: Heroes
Pairings/Characters: Matt Parkman, Mohinder/Sylar
Rating: R
Wordcount: 2,000
Spoilers for: through Five Years Gone
Author: Cerebel
Website: Cerebel's Fic at Livejournal
Summary: Matt Parkman realizes, finally, who's in the Oval Office.
Why: Finding this was like finding a piece of lost canon. This story brilliantly fills in all the gaps that we see in the future world, most notably the big one of how Parkman and Mohinder didn't notice who they were taking orders from. I especially like that it explains Parkman's actions in this episode, as I'm quite fond of him. Cerebel gives him plausible motivations and keeps him as that character that I like so much without changing a single action that he takes. As far as I'm concerned, this is it. This is how things must have happened.

What You Wish For by Cerebel
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Fandom: Heroes
Pairings/Characters: Hiro
Rating: PG
Spoilers for: Collision
Author: Troll Princess
Website: Memories
Summary: It's sunny out. Hiro had almost forgotten what that was like.
Why: Although parts of this have been made impossible by events later in the season, I stil really liked this and the way it all fits together. It's a compelling look at what the future might have been like and a good lead-in to that fateful meeting between Peter and future!Hiro.

Somewhere a Clock is Ticking by Troll Princess


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