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Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairings/Characters: Shishido/Ohtori
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: mild Nationals spoilers
Wordcount: ~11,000
Author: kimby77
Website: kimby77's art blog
Summary: In which Shishido is oblivious and all the world seems to be laughing at his misery.
Why: I hope that everytime I get a craving for Silver Pair fic I'm able to find something like this. I loved the grumpy Shishido perspective in this story. He's just so perfectly embarrassed and disgruntled! Also, kimby77's mischievous Ohtori was very enjoyable, and the interactions between the various Hyoutei players were priceless. The fic does get a little confusing sometimes when it jumps around in time, but if you can keep track of where you are in time, the effect is actually really nice. Gah, this is the kind of thing that makes me want to whip out Prince of Tennis and start rewatching it!

Of Tennis and Gardenias by kimby77
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Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairings/Characters: Inui/Kaidoh
Rating: PG
Wordcount: ~700
Author: bookshop
Website: Topgallant
Summary: “What I’m about to do may alarm you,” Inui remarks. “But possibly it would be best if you attempted to enjoy it.”
Why: More characters I've missed! Even though Inui and Kaidoh are kind of my Prince of Tennis OTP, somehow I never seem to really find fics that I'm satisfied with featuring them. So this was a real treat. It's short, but the author does a great job of capturing their characters and the super cute potential of their relationship. It was a great reminder of just why I like this pairing in the first place.

Discrepancy by Aja
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Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairings/Characters: Shishido/Ohtori
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: ~59,000
Author: sublimeparadigm
Website: playtime PARADIGMS
Summary: Five weeks, four matches, three nights, two boys, and one decision. Many shades of gray. All with and without meaning. ~~ A personal take on a typical "boy meets boy" story.
Why: This is another one that I've been putting off reccing, although for a different reason than the previous one. This story is technically an AU where the boys attend a different school and circumstances are slightly different, but it's still pretty close to the original story. So even if you don't like AUs that much, you might want to give this a try anyway. It's a well-written and engrossing version of events, and the fact that it's so long makes it a relative rarity. I've read it twice now, and I've enjoyed it thoroughly both times. It's the perfect thing when you're in the mood to settle down with just one story for the afternoon.

All Things Signified by sublimeparadigm
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Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairings/Characters: Renji/Kirihara
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: ~42,000
Author: Ociwen
Summary: Renji might have found what he doesn't know he has been looking for.
Why: I originally read this because it was entered in the All Japan Competition. If it wasn't for that competition, I probably never would have read it. It's not a pairing I really care about, and although I'm fond of Kirihara, I don't generally seek out stories about him. So I really owe that competition a lot because this story is amazing. It's long, but it pulled me in so well that I hardly noticed the time while I was reading it. I was too busy feeling Renji's confusion and conflicting feelings with him. This is a really great growing up story, and one that gives you a very interesting look at a character who tends to be a bit hard to read.

Once you've read the first part, you can click on the yanakiri tag at the top to find the other parts. Just scroll to the bottom of the list.

Might Be Found by Ociwen
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Fandom: Prince of Tennis/Hikaru no Go
Pairings/Characters: Tezuka, Oishi, Inui, Fuji, Eiji, Momo, Kaidoh, Atobe (plus Hikaru and Akira from Hikaru no Go)
Rating: G
Wordcount: 1,248
Author: Jain
Website: La Pasticherie
Summary: Tennis and go don't have very much in common.
Why: This is crossover genius. Every single part of this fic makes me happy, from Inui's attempts to use data go to Hikaru's bemused horror at Akira's sudden interest in tennis to Atobe's amazing reaction to it all. :D

Playing the Game by Jain
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Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairings/Characters: Inui/Kaidou
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 2,600
Spoilers for: end of the anime
Author: Mousapelli
Website: The Rat Box
Summary: Things are different without Echizen, only, you know, not really.
Why: This is so what would have happened if the end of the anime hadn't been, you know, the end. Mousapelli does a great job with all the characters and all the interactions between them in this story. Framing the story in Inui's point of view works brilliantly. There are also some really great lines in here, ranging from the humorous to the poetic. The end result is your average Mousapelli fic: funny, brilliantly characterized, and altogether enjoyable.

The Echizen Effect by Mousapelli


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